Forget about Offices or Cafés, find a Co-working space

Coworking is a trend in today’s entrepreneurship. Freelancers and people working at startups are fed up with sitting in crowded cafes or at home. Co-working space is gaining popularity, and there are many reasons why you should jump on the bandwagon.

It is all about networking
Networking is vibrant at co-working hubs. Working with other entrepreneurs and freelancers is both inspiring and useful. Freelancers and startups do not only sit next to each other, they have access to a whole community of new skills and potential new friends or business collaborations. A free professional advice can be served together with coffee which would not happen just sitting at a coffee shop. More importantly, collaborative spaces are one of the best way to grow your business and get feedback from smart and innovative people. For instance, in the US, musicians gather in one community space not only to be productive and make new contacts, but also to organize rehearsals before streaming their masterpieces  to the mass audience.

Tip: Are you a newcomer at a coworking space? Present yourself and more important your business, initiate an event or an informal After Work. Offer some snacks and drinks, as a housewarming party and word will start to spread. Maybe after mingling, you will shake the hands with your next client or partner.

Save money and be flexible
Shared offices is a good match for startups unwilling to sign a long-term contract. With a coworking space you are flexible to choose a broader type of membership. For example, some coworking spaces offer daily memberships according to the amount of the days you will spend at the shared office space.

“You can grow your company without having to move and invest in new premises. You are not stuck in a long term contract, at Convendum the mutual notice is three months. Ultimately, this saves your time and money and lets you focus on your core business and get new customers and profit,” Oscar Limbäck, the project manager of Convendum co-working space.

Managers of co-working spaces point out that entrepreneurs can save their nerves and time since all facilities are included in the price and entrepreneurs forget office worries such as coffee, bills and so on.

“Our members bring their computers, plug it in, and that’s it.”

Tip: Save money and organize events and conferences at your co-working office, usually there are great discounts to rent conference rooms. In some places, you will not have to spend anything for an event, just only press the button “book” in advance. Imagine how much you need to pay extra if you want to rent a venue for the event in the city centre, or not to mention the hassle of booking a meeting room which can be hard and expensive.

Entrepreneur’s/student’s desk
Co-working is based on community spirit and peers could be the best teachers and advisors. Besides  intranet and advertisement board, usually coworking spaces offer courses, events and workshops. After a hard day’s work, do not waste your time in traffic jams going to classes somewhere. Your entrepreneur’s and student’s desk could be under the same roof.

Tip: Want to learn concrete skills but do not find the courses in co-working space? Write to managers and express your desire. If there is a demand, sooner or later service will be provided.

Coworcation and a new Visa
Working on your own does not necessarily mean that you have to forget holidays. Coworking Visa allow travel between co-working spaces internationally. Members of the co-working visa program are able to use another shared office in a different city without additional costs. Check out Co-working Visa page and find out if your new holidays office is near the beach. 🙂 And if you do not find partnership agreement on co-working visa page, do not ruin your holidays’ plan. There are some hubs which combine work and rest. So called “coworcation” trend is spreading rapidly and Hawaii is no longer only holidays destination. So forget package tours, discover holidays and co-working experience in sunny cities. Remember, if you need an extra hand on on-going projects, Spinoola is ready to spin your business while you take some rest.

Tips: Dive into the co-working spaces! Following links will help to find the best match:


Furthermore, the digitalization and thus globalization enables us to work remotely with colleagues all around the world. Most companies today have freelancers or parts of their team spread out all around the world. There is no need to meet every day like in traditional offices when working is perfectly done working with e.g. drive docs, hangouts online, etc. Sometimes it can be more efficient to fly in people and have regular meetups when needed ad hoc. This means that in a company of e.g. 20 people you might be the only person located in a specific city. Wouldn’t you rather want to sit together with other entrepreneurs and benefit from bright idéas and innovations?

The future lies in the community of the co-working spaces.


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