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We were surprised when we within a few hours sold out to Spinoola’s After Work event with Anna Rosling from Gapminder and KTH female Entrepreneurship initiative. Thanks again to everyone who came and discussed how to attract more women into the Tech world.


Gapminder’s innovative project
Anna Rosling Rönnlund from Gapminder is a great example of a female role model in Tech and Data Analytics. Anna presented Gapminder’s newest project called Dollar Street. In this project, the poorest and the richest live side-by-side in one virtual street. By walking down the street, one can experience this virtual world. 168 families from 37 countries opened the doors into their private homes to photographers taking pictures of 135 ordinary items in their homes. Comparing photos according to the level of income, people can get a real understanding on living conditions all around the world.
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The Dollar Street soon will be launched online, but it does not mean it’s the end of the project. Anna invited everyone interested to contribute to this innovative project and to take the pictures in countries around the world. If you are interested, we highly recommend you to get in contact with Gapminder.

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Anna Rosling gave a few tips on how to get more real, fact-based view of the world:
– Data requires context, numbers taken out of the context might be shocking but not necessarily reflecting the reality.
– Media cover extremes, but life is going on between the peaks and pits.
– If a diagram goes down it does not necessarily show a negative tendency and overall fall. Contrarily, in the case of constant growing there are unavoidable downwards waves.
– Beware of stereotypes as media and thus people tend to use and reproduce them too often.

Similarities, not differences
Anna from Gapminder is indeed a great example of a female role model. Anna is an experienced UI/UX designer having worked at Google and established her own company with an expertise in making data more comprehensive aiming to spread fact-based data globally that everyone can understand.
Anna’s work is fresh and stands in contrast to all the things and the trends that try to focus only on the negative aspects and the differences between human beings, when in fact the similarities are more. For example, our homes are not tied to cultural or national boundaries as they look incredible alike depending which social and economic possibilities we have. Something so intimate as our home are in fact very alike, regardless if you live in China, US, Namibia or Saudi Arabia. It’s more dependent on your social status (economic assets) than due to cultural or religious differences.

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User-friendly data
Have you heard or experienced non user-friendly applications, games and other technical products? Well, one explanation can surely be that a too narrow perspective not having enough women represented in the tech world have been the reality during a too long time. It’s slowly starting to change today.

Our other speaker at the event KTH, discussed their initiative on raising questions about how our perception of reality can change when viewed from a female perspective. Which truths will we re-evaluate and which hard facts will prove to be based solely on the experience of men?

Technology enables digitalization. If the history was written mainly by men we cannot let the future be written (coded) mainly by men. Eventually we will all be forced to get digital, so women should not be left out.

Data Specialists
Gapminder represents something very contemporary and needed, as the way we communicate gets much more visual every day. Imagine the teenagers today who barely read text anymore, it just takes too long time to read when you can watch it or experience it through a picture.


Big data is an overused term, why would it matter if you have a lot of data if nobody understands it? That´s what it is all about. Making data accessible, comprehensive and fun to interact with! More and more companies understands this – every company has its very own treasure due to all the data we can access today. In order to make something out of the data, you need a Data specialist that can actually visualize it far beyond old-school graphs, digits and confusing bulk text.

Did you miss this event? No worries, stay tuned for our upcoming events as there will be more of them!

Are you curious to learn more about Anna Rosling’s presentation? Get the presentation here.

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