Easy ways to make your marketing interactive

Moving picture is an absolute “must-use” for a marketer in 2016. Animated GIFs, interactive infographics and presentations are the instruments to catch an eye and engage your audience.  You can find plenty of tools on the Internet, of course, but we decided to make a list of our favorite methods and applications that will help you in your daily work.


GIFs have fantastic feature to express what you feel and think in a funny or creative way. This is how to create them:

  • Photoshop

Creating an animated GIF is actually a long process and the time depends on the grade of your perfectionism. This post on blogspot will give exact instructions on how to make an animated GIF in Photoshop. It would also be useful to read an explanation on how to create frame animations in Adobe. Use Photoshop if you want to create such graphic animated GIFs from images like this:


When you are done with your awesome animated GIFs and would like to use it in your marketing, upload it to and then embed to e.g your social media channels. If your website is built on WordPress, we would recommend to use iframe plugin that lets you insert animated GIFs in the post/page.

  •  Giphy as a tool is great to use for making animated GIFs both  from video files and Youtube links. Easy to use and especially good when you have to lack of time or inspiration.  Unfortunately, with Giphy you can’t create soft transitions between the images, which is possible in Photoshop.

If you google, you will find a lot of websites for creating animated GIFs. Many of them aren’t user-friendly, and it is hard to understand what functions are available for you. Other websites have lower quality or change color of the image you would like to animate. Others don’t allow you to download without their benchmark.


We don’t have to tell you that infographics is one of the most effective data visualization tools. Stylish, simple, informative and even better when interactive. Interactive infographics are often created by HTML5, but if you are not a design pro, here are some easier but effective tools for creating different types of infographics.

  • Visme is a brilliant tool for creating interactive infographics. It is easy to understand, very user-friendly and convenient
  • Adobe Edge Animate CC is an excellent tool for you who is determined to create advanced interactive infographics.
  • Venngage and Canva are the platforms to build infographics and visualize your data but without animations.
  • Photoshop and Illustrator are obviously the softwares for creating everything you want, including infographics
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 16.25.44
Check out this amazing UK Energy guide (click on the picture)


  • Prezi are for those of you have an idea and want to make presentations for your colleagues and partners much more engaging and interesting.
  • Visme helps you not just with infographics, but also with presentations. Choose a template and go!
  • PowToon is one more awesome software for creating animated presentations and videos.
  • SlideBean is a user-friendly platform that offers very professionally and modern-looking templates. Unfortunately no free versions, but still a cheap starting price!

Our choice of the applications  was based on the principle of quality and efficiency. They will definitely help you with your marketing activities. We can also help you as well – check out our Digital marketing and Design services!

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