Innovative data: how the picture of a toothbrush can revolutionize statistics

Imagine a mix between Excel and Snapchat. Soon enough this combination will replace confusing spreadsheets and boring grafs. Photos are the newest way to represent and experience the world. For data architect Anna Rosling Rönnlund, the co-founder of the statistics platform Gapminder, photos are more than pixels of data.

“By using photo as data we can finally understand how other people live without travelling” says A. Rosling Rönnlund at the 2015 TedxStockholm event. As an experienced designer and data analyst she combines her background in photography and sociology to challenge the coverage and usability of statistical data. Anna is also one of the presentors at Spinoola’s After Work Event.

Anna’s current project is called Dollar Street where the poorest and the richest live side-by-side on one street in a virtual world. By walking down the street, one can experience this virtual world. 168 families from 37 countries opened the doors into their private life to photographers taking pictures of 135 ordinary items in their homes. Walls, toothbrushes, kitchen utilities, toilets, roofs etc. were captured in homes, from shelters in jungles to luxury apartments in China.

“Using photos as data, stereotypes fall apart. On Dollar Street it’s not the extraordinary, but the common that fascinates. When sorting homes by income, it becomes clear that people across the world live in surprisingly similar ways“, says Anna Rosling Rönnlund.

Digital services company Spinoola has organized this After Work Event with Anna Rosling Rönnlund together with KTH Female Entrepreneurship. They will present worldwide social and economic trends based on innovative statistics and introduce a new KTH initiative to attract more women in technology.

“This will be an inspiring evening about the importance of a more fact-based worldview, and how we can introduce a female perspective into the new digital world. It will be an eye-opening event” – ensures the CEO of Spinoola Lotta Karlsson Domonkos.

Register to AW with Anna Rosling from Gapminder and KTH female entrepreneurship here.
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