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Coding courses

The key to success in today's world is to know how to code. Learn coding in an inspiring startup environment.

Web Development

We create unique web services suitable for your type of business

Digital Marketing & Translation

Online marketing is increasingly taking over as the primary channel for companies to reach their customers.

Graphic Design

We create a full graphic identity with a modern brand concept

What do we offer? Why choose Spinoola? Learn all about us in our video!

Why us

Spinoola is a company trying to break down the barriers to the digital world. We simplify and give everyone with a dream an opportunity to go digital. A key success factor in today's world is to understand the digital world, and you can understand this new world better if you speak the language by learning how to code.

We also offer an alternative to big media agencies that tend to increase the scope of projects and add margins. We instead divide your projects into smaller more manageable parts at a fraction of the costs. No commitment to fluffy, expensive consultancy hours.

Through our network of coworkers we tailor-make the solution that fits you with the aim to make it easy and affordable. You don't have to worry about finding the best specialists for your specific needs, we do that for you.



How it works

1. Objective

You explain what you need to us in plain language. Spinoola makes a technical specification based on what you need.

2. Network

Spinoola contacts experts specialized in each field and negotiates great prices for you. Spinoola presents offers in a transparent way to you.

3. Transparency

You select which offer you want and we agree on the T&C’s. Once work starts, we present sub-deliverables to you.

Do you want to learn how to code?

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