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Get Digital – Code Your Future

The Tech World is not in the distant future, it’s here right now, all around us. It’s today’s reality and whether, we are willing to admit it or not, Big Data, Coding, Artificial Intelligence and E-commerce are having a big impact on today’s business environment and our lives no matter how and where we are. Join our upcoming AfterWork on the 7th of September at Convendum co-working space to participate in the inspiring evening called: Get Digital – Code Your Future. During this evening, you will strengthen your digital skills and get a hands-on programming tutorial.

Digging into the coding world
We believe there are many people today with entrepreneurial dreams that are waiting to take the first step into realizing their own app or website. Spinoola works with expert web developers in order to meet and fulfill our customer’s digital needs. We help our customers to turn ideas into technical specifications, but we also want to help people get the basic digital tools themselves in order to decrease the world’s digital illiteracy.

We believe that some elementary programming knowledge will help everyone to participate in the digital era and be able to create or manage their own web solution. That is why Spinoola together with Pink Programming are ready to introduce you to the wonderful world of coding. During the evening, Pink Programming developers will demonstrate and familiarize you with one of our future’s principal languages. Get inspired and receive many practical tips and useful sources. This coding introduction lesson will be free of charge, but do not forget to sign up, as spots are limited.

If you are interested and can’t wait, we have some great and useful tips for you below.

Free programming courses

  • Khan academy provides free online courses with video lessons. A strong plus of the website is the community which is ready to answer to your questions.
  • Coursera is one of the most popular learning online website which contains courses from top universities including Web development, introduction to programming languages etc. Be aware that the platform is free of charge in case you settle for a statement of accomplishment certificate, but if you want to get a verified certificate then be ready to pay.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a wide scope of programming languages courses for free and their user friendly data base let you specify search accurately.
  • Free Code Camp is oriented to advanced or at least no-longer-a-beginner tech-savvies who want to catch up to trends and nail their skills. Bloggers and professionals in development, design, data share best practices and what their latest insights. Check out how to spice up your website with audio interface.

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Digital trends
More know-how tips and handy recommendations will be presented during the AW at Convendum. Beside introduction to coding, Galina Shubina, an experienced professional in the data-driven business world with a background in software engineering, management, and data science at Google and Schibstedt, will talk about the role of data in modern digital business, as well as roles and skills that drive it. Co-working experts Convendum business meeting place will reason why the traditional working style is dead and how new forms of interactions could bring success.

Registration to event
Save the date – 7th of September at 17.30: Get Digital – Code Your Future, at Convendum co-working space. Book your spot through Event Brite where you will find your ticket to the digital future.

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