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How to follow trends and get inspiration

Abraham Lincoln once said “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” It is easy to say but more difficult to do. To follow trends and predict the future is vital in business, but how can your business stay up to date and catch constantly changing shifts in the marketplace? We have identified some good examples which can help you stay on top of tech, design and business trends. The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to great newsletters and reports and get important information right to your mailbox.

Media and advertising
Curious about media business? Looking for answers how advertising will work on the web and how content will change in the future? Then follow the Schibsted media group. The company launched their The Future Report which takes a look at new advertising strategies and forecasts developments in content marketing and e-commerce. Clear and easy to read reports provide interesting perspectives on human behaviour and needs in addition to technological breakthroughs and business innovations. Besides the annual Future Report, the media agency presents other interesting reports and future insights. One report takes a glimpse of second hand business and its prospects.

Innovations and trends in brief
Follow trendwatching including a sneak peek blog on innovation and consuming trends at It provides more in depth reports and
suggests “know-how books”. Latest trends in brief is free of charge, but more extensive premium content including case-studies is paid material. Once you get inspired b
y trendwatching and “forward-thinking”, you can write down your futuristic business plan in a consumer trend canvas.

Pool of data and white papers
As a Swedish tech company, Spinoola follows the swedish tech giant Ericsson’s forecasts. Ericsson’s forward-thinking gives insights into different tech and business fields. Data, interactive graphs, reports divided into geographical regions – tons of material, is collected on Ericsson’s website. Topics are varied, so don’t expect only information on communications and IT. Recently, we had a pleasure reading how to manage user experience and an interesting report on the Internet of Things. Read similar reports on Ericsson website.

Future reports, Internet of Things, IoT, insights
Internet of Things

Another tip is to read white papers and and follow research companies. Our suggestion is Euromonitor International – a global market and research company. It offers insights, reports and trends, mainly in consumption trends and market analysis. Tired of reading, then check out their webinars.

Shape your design sensitivity
As a company providing graphic design and web development services, Spinoola loves scrolling through good looking websites and getting inspiration from leading innovators. focuses on shaping technical skills and provides the newest design and management tools to coordinate projects. Awwwards (yes, 3 w’s) will take you from a grey daily routine and inspire you to create extraordinary digital projects. Check out “Wizzards of Web” and vote for the site of your choice.

Lastly, find out countless of groups on LinkedIn, for example:

Future trends
Consumer Insights Interest Group

And finally, if you have a great idea but struggle to find a technical solution, no worries, Spinoola is ready to help you fulfill your digital dreams.

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