Digital marketing & Translation

Expand your business online

As we become more and more digital, online marketing is increasingly taking over as the primary channel for companies to reach their customers.

Active work with digital marketing is vital for business optimization and expansion. We help you get started with content marketing and help you adapt your business model to current trends.

Millions of small- and mid sized companies optimize their businesses with Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, and we can help you keep up with your competition.


SEO and Social Media trends

Digital strategy for your brand

We would love to help you develop a digital strategy and improve your visibility online.

We can also help you improve your Social Media presence and give you tips on how to reach your target customers.

You probably have a data treasure within your company but need help to make sense of this data and turn it into bottom line results.

Web Analytics

Do you need help with optimizing Google Analytics, Adwords or other website Analysis?


Search engine optimization is essential, and we have very talented specialists that are experts in their field. We would love to help you get visibility on Google.

A/B Testing

Learn how to optimize your website and find out which version you should use.

E-mail campaign & Newsletter

We can help you reach your customers in a more effective way.

Social Media

Do you need a freelancer who is an expert on Social Media, or do you need some help on how to optimize your Social Media presence?

Copy writing

Are you looking for an expert to update your website’s content or handle your blog posts, newsletters or other?

Market Research

Get valuable insights about your target group at a lower cost.

Updated photos

In need of updated new photos of your products or for your website?


Do you need some extra help on part-time basis or for a certain project? Hiring freelancers on part-time basis can boost your business and complement your team with that specialist competence you are missing. Contact us to discuss how we can find you a suitable solution.

Translation & Business Expansion

Are you looking into expanding to other countries?
We have a broad network in several countries!

Translation has never been this fast, affordable and easy.

We have a large network of highly skilled translators specialized in different fields to suit your market segment. Below you can see the different areas. If no specific translation is required, you can just choose general translation to get the best prices available. We can also offer a very broad range of languages to translate to or from.

Business and legal translation: The translators have specialist backgrounds in legal, business and finance.

Technical & Scientific translations: Specialized in Technical, Engineering, Automotive, Medical and Scientific translations.

High Tech translation: Specialized in websites, Software/IT, applications and video games.

Marketing translations: Guarantees a certain level of copy-writing experience in order to offer services of marketing materials such as brochures, online ads, travel, and gaming.


Startup Stock Photos

Business expansion

Get in touch with experts in your field

  •  We know it can be hard to take the first step when expanding into a new country. With our broad network of international contacts we are happy to help you take the first steps and find important points of local contacts.

Establish points of contacts or find ambassadors in the desired country 

  • You don’t need to have a full presence in the desired country, but you might want to find ways to collaborate with experts in the local market or hire local freelancers in order to help you grow your business.

Contact us to discuss more and to find the solution you are looking for!