Code your future – it could be easier than you think

Coding is not rocket science. Digital literacy is a must in today’s world much like proficiency in Excel and Word used to be a differentiator. So how can you learn this new programming language and be a part of the digital world? That was the question of Spinoola’s last event at Convendum co-working space.

One of the presenters at the event, Esma Dautovic works as a back-end programmer at Lifesum. Programming skills led Esma to move from the U.S. to Sweden. She denies that in order to succeed you have to be “the stereotype of a programmer that starts coding when they are in diapers”. Esma, today an experienced developer, jumped into coding world in her twenties by typing “How to write a code” into Google.

“There are so many free resources available online that allow you to start in this way without having to install any extra things or follow lengthy steps just for setup. All you need is a browser and you can start learning immediately.” says Esma.  


Esma is one of the Pink Programming volunteers. At Pink Programming, coding professionals organize monthly meet-ups and invite everybody to write their first code. The Pink Programming team believes that coding together with peers helps you find solutions quickly and learn from the group. Several of the programmers give us the same tip – do not be scared of the “0s and 1s”. Coding is step by step process, just be patient and split the information like pie.

“Programming can easily be broken down into small, manageable components, just like any other subject, and learning each component is easy when approached this way,” says Esma and recommends several websites for beginners and more advanced levels.

The next speaker Galina Shubina, a data specialist and former Engineer at Google and Schibstedt who nows runs her own company spoke about how data is changing the fundamentals of business. Galina predicts that the future will be driven by data across a wide number of sectors.

Download Galina’s slides


The host of the event was Convendum. Paul Linderoth the Sales and Market Manager at Convendum, spoke about the importance and potential of digital skills which is something that could be shaped by their community of coworkers in the shared office space.

“As a start-up, you get the possibility to always be surrounded by talented individuals and teams, this makes your everyday more engaging and is also the perfect environment for creating business opportunities and building your professional network.” says  Paul Linderoth.

Co-working space also represents a shift in the digital world. Traditional offices are becoming more and more expensive, but people who work on their own are still looking for an inspirational work environment. Our members tells us that since moving into CONVENDUM, they feel more productive and inspired by having a ”real” office to go to every morning. Compared to having your own office in the central business district, it’s also quite affordable since everything you need is included”, adds Paul.  


Spinoola, the organizer of the event, believes that coding skills is a key asset for everyone who want to fully understand the digital world. There are, however, ways to realize your digital dreams without knowing how to code, with a little bit of help from firms that help you through the process.

With Spinoola you don’t have to be tech savvy to get started as we help you translate digital lingo into plain language and turn your ideas into a technical specification. However, if you have time and interest, we strongly encourage you to start learning the language of the future, the digital language. Knowledge is never wasted, so keep on learning.


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