Be ready to pivot your career

The startup world is truly global. New ideas are almost per default global. I find the most successful startups to have adopted a true sense of global thinking where they do not only try to attract a certain national audience, nor do they market themselves through national values but rather through human values, all the aspects that highlights our common dreams and characteristics.

I find the startup atmosphere relaxed but yet focused and very ambitious. It’s a community with a very accepting way of including people and letting them contribute. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is what you do and how you contribute. It’s also a community with a common sense of humor. Personally, I found myself embracing a geeky sense of humor. One of my close friends, who is a developer, know how hard I am working on trying to become a super geek 🙂 Geeks rule the world today!

Not only are Startups truly global, but moreover, they are the real disruptors and the forces that have an impact on people’s everyday lives. Companies such as Uber and Airbnb have forever changed our lives and changed our attitudes toward the new “shared economy”. In the future, we will probably not be as obsessed of owning things. Technology has made the world global and made real changes to society.

As for me and my career path, of course all wasn’t planned like it turned out so far, rather the opposite. But all is spun off through my curiosity and belief in continuous self-improvement. Women tend to have more career breaks, since unfortunately the distribution of the parental leave is not equal, but one way to look at this is also from a perspective that we are given opportunities to reflect upon how we can pivot our careers, further develop ourselves and preferably start realizing our dreams (if not already realized).

Not everyone wants to code or even learn how to code. That’s fine. But we are standing in front of a new type of economy pushing us towards the so called gig economy were specialists are brought in when needed. However, the so-called multi-potentials are still crucial, especially for smaller companies where you can’t have too many specialists dedicated at one only thing, because at the same time the business life requires a flexibility where you constantly need to challenge yourself and thus learn new things.

Think about the younger DIY-generation (Do-it-yourself), as I like to call them. If they don’t know how to solve something they don’t tell no, I can’t do it, but rather they google it, i.e. DIY-video on YouTube that will show them and teach them how to do things. This is a great attitude we all should adopt. The newer generation is also naturally more global as they easily connect with like-minded peers all around the globe; they find each other through social forums that are not tied to national boundaries. They know how to think in terms of more human and truly global values.

In the future, we will probably become less tied to our nation and less nationalistic. The digitalization is providing this in a faster pace and at a larger scale than the growing protectionist tendencies. We are more enlightened than ever before. We have access to so much information where we previously were limited to local news.  Now we can actually think for ourselves and feel less obligated to accept something because of cultural or social expectations.

If you feel curious about learning more about the startup and technical world, especially if you’re a woman, you should investigate this further. The Tech. world is in fact perfectly set-up for women. Strong traditional “feminine” fields such as creativity, UI/UX, Customer Service and ability to teamwork with different types of people are prerequisites in the Tech. world. Apps and Online Games developed by women would surely look much different than they do today where there are majority of male developers. As Steve Jobs once combined Technology and Arts, women should now help the Startup community connect the left part of the brain with the right part and bring some humanity into the cold binary world. Women all around the world: unite, go Digital and Technology will never be the same!  

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