7 things that makes your website likeable

Is your company one of the best in its industry? Great, but if I don’t know you and by chance find your old and ugly website, sorry, you won’t become my favorit. Your online presentation influences the image and the reputation of your brand. You will ultimately lose your younger customers if you don’t update your visual online presence. The visual communication is one of the most powerful types of interactions with your customers.

So consider these must-have and must-know when building a website:

1. Scroll it, baby
Those time when we clicked and clicked to find the information we need are over. Now we scroll. That’s all the important content about the company should be presented on the landing page, so that the users could just scroll down a bit and already get the idea what you work with.
Parallax effect is a part of a scrolling feature of your website. It uses multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds to create a sensation of depth (creating a faux-3D effect).
Look at these two: Melanie F and restaurant Le Duc


2.  Responsivity
Your website should look on different devices and on the screens of different sizes. Fortunetely, most of the website-builders offer themes that are automatically responsive.  Responsivity is also connected to why we should consider the scrolling-function. It is much more convenient to scroll down the page on your phone, instead of loading new pages all the time, isn’t it?

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

3. Flat design
Flat design is a  design approach that emphasizes usability. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colours and two-dimensional/flat illustrations. Use good-looking icons to visualize your services and infographics to present the structure of your company and your approach to business. Read more about flat design.

4. Full-width format and less sidebar.
No sidebar on the landing page and not to much information in the sidebar on the other pages.  Use a full-width template for your website, no blocks and separate background.

5. Animation
With animated design your website would be much more attractive and vivid. Slight animations on the design elements on the landing page will give a great effect while the viewer is scrolling your page. Check out this amazing animated website of a British creative studio La Moulade.

6. Minimalism
The minimal style is trendy in webdesign world. Minimalist sites load faster and take fewer server resources. Clean and to the point. A webpage that doesn’t make your eyes stress or distract from your primary message. Remove the unnecessary elements and focus on simplicity. It is not boring. Make an accent with one bright color that reflects your company’s personlity and you will get a stylish web thing. Read more about important aspects and advantages of minimalistic web design.

[iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”300″]

7. Your website is not just a source of information. It should be experience
Make beautiful frames for your content and create not just a place for information but experience. Make people not learn, but feel. We live in the era when modern digital technologies can do that. Website as experience will make your potential customer go back to the website again and again. Check Love Notes by Spotify.


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