5 reasons to use your global network

Travelling, studying and working abroad are ways to connect with people from all parts of the globe. With the the help of social media, these connections don’t disappear as you travel, but stay in your list of contacts. But how can these international connections help you personally and  professionally?

  1. Language help. No one can help better with proofreading or explaining certain technical terms than native speakers. It’s great to have them around! I still remember a German guy I hardly knew who helped to proofread a business document for my friend in Moscow.
  2. Contribution to projects. Once an old classmate who works at a TV broadcasting company posted on Facebook that she was searching for a person from New Zealand for an interview about Pavlova cakes (by the way, do you know that this cake known as “Russian cake” is originally from New Zealand?). I knew a nice friendly guy from New Zealand who was open for such inquiries. As a result, the interview was used for the TV program, my classmate was pleased and a guy from NZ got an interesting experience.
  3. You become more open and tolerant. Perhaps it’s just us, but we feel that the more people from different countries you know, the less you stereotype and become open to new cultures and mentalities. You get rid of prejudices and appreciate the uniqueness of every person. Not all Germans are punctual. Not all Swedes are introverts. Not all southern Europeans are lazy.
  4. Improved traveling. Trips are much better if you know locals who can show the best pubs, cafes and other places where tourists don’t  usually hang out. No surprise that Couchsurfing has become so popular: finding a place to stay while making travel-friends has never been easier.[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”300″]
  5. Total life changes. A global network gives you a chance to realize your life dreams and wishes. Moving to another country, finding a job, starting a company abroad is much easier when you know locals, who are able and willing to help you with bureaucracy and support in complicated new situations. People who help you adapt to new circumstances and a new country with new customs.

A global network opens new opportunities in your life and improves your personal development and your business. Having international friends helps you to find solutions to problems and broadens your perspectives of the world.  



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